Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lauren & Griffin

I had so much fun with Lauren & Griffin!  Griffin is one year old and he has changed so much since I last saw him!  What a cutie!  Though, he was not to sure about being photographed.  He preferred to stick close to mom.  But, after a little warming up, a fun rocking chair and  of course a lot of "funny" antics from mom & dad, we were able to capture some adorable smiles! Here is one of my favorites :)

Griffin was on the move in this image.  I just love those eyes!
And then there is big sister Lauren!  She is a hoot and she LOVES having her picture taken!  I just love this little girl :)  I have been photographing Lauren since she was Griffin's age and it has been so much fun to watch her grow!  And of course I just love to "play" with her at the studio!  Oh, and those cute! Here are just a few of my favorite images! I could have added so many more...

It was wonderful to see all of you!  I am excited to for you too see all of the images from the session!  I will be in touch once all the images are ready to view :)

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