Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lauren & Griffin

I had so much fun with Lauren & Griffin!  Griffin is one year old and he has changed so much since I last saw him!  What a cutie!  Though, he was not to sure about being photographed.  He preferred to stick close to mom.  But, after a little warming up, a fun rocking chair and  of course a lot of "funny" antics from mom & dad, we were able to capture some adorable smiles! Here is one of my favorites :)

Griffin was on the move in this image.  I just love those eyes!
And then there is big sister Lauren!  She is a hoot and she LOVES having her picture taken!  I just love this little girl :)  I have been photographing Lauren since she was Griffin's age and it has been so much fun to watch her grow!  And of course I just love to "play" with her at the studio!  Oh, and those cute! Here are just a few of my favorite images! I could have added so many more...

It was wonderful to see all of you!  I am excited to for you too see all of the images from the session!  I will be in touch once all the images are ready to view :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heartdance Studio

This place is beautiful!  Winalee & Ron Zeeb are the owners of Heartdance Studio here in Lansing and I had the honor of photographing their beautiful new space.  If you have never met Winalee or Ron they are two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet!  They both give so much to our community and all of those who know them.  

Check out some of the images of the studio!

As you enter through the door of the studio you will step into a beautiful space filled with color and light!

Then just to your left is the dance studio!  The beautiful stained glass doors invite you into this sacred space.   
And here is the amazing Heartdance Studio space!  All of the custom artwork and stained glass combined with the attention to every detail make this space incredible! 

To find out more about Heartdance Studio you can check out their web site at:

Thank you Winalee & Ron for inviting me to be a part of such a special part of your lives!  

Friday, March 13, 2009


Little Jaxen was a fantastic "model" for his session!  So much fun to photograph:) This image below was actually one of the few we were able to capture with his eyes open!  He was so relaxed, he slept for most of the session. But, I was determined to capture at least one beautiful image of those eyes.  Then, right near the end of the session...he had enough bright flashes in his face, he wanted his pacifier and a little milk too...he let us get just a few images of those eyes!  I am so glad he did!

And a thanks to mom for this one!  She had purchased these adorable wings...oh, so cute! And Jaxen even slept like this for quite some time!

His little smile...just makes me smile!  Don't you just wonder what he is thinking?

I hope you enjoy a sneak peek of a few of my favorite images from Jaxen's session!  There are so many beautiful images to choose from...I am excited to show you all of them!  I will be in touch once the rest of the session is on the web and ready to view!  Melissa