Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Daddy Tickle!

I love capturing the "Daddy Tickle"on know when the dads take the kids and just give them the hardest tickle they can...the kids love it! And you can capture the BEST laughs and giggles ever! I wish we had audio for this blog :) Here is one of those great moments!

I was so excited to see the "S" family this holiday season! They are so much fun to photograph and they also happen to be good friends of mine too!

Grace was totally camera ready when she walked into the studio! And her outfit was adorable...I especially loved the red scarf! So hip :) Grace is so fun to photograph...she always has a happy face and just loves to be in front of the camera.

And Colin did an awesome job! Mom & Dad had "Big Whites" (aka peppermint life savers...his fave!) on hand to give out at the end of our session just to make sure we captured some of those great smiles. The bribe totally many fun smiles!! He was playing peak a boo with his sister it!

This is my most favorite thing to create...

This collage works perfectly for little kids....especially two year olds! It is such a fun way to show off all their smiles and expressions. I love creating these!

Thank you so much "S" Family! I will be in touch when all of your images are on the web & ready to view! M

Family Fun!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I just love photographing two year olds! They are so full of energy, they give the best smiles and sometimes the best many wonderful expressions it is hard to pick a favorite! Little Maya will be turning 2 this month and I had such a great time with her! Maya and her mom came to the studio ready with outfits and toys ready to have fun photographing, but as soon as Maya entered the studio the happy face turned to a frown. No soon as we just relaxed, played a little, put on a some of her favorite tunes and let her check things out the real Maya was ready to "play". We even photographed Maya in one of her favorite outfits...her birthday suit! So cute!!
I love this adorable moment when she is totally into what she is doing :)

A few spins on my twirling chair (with the help of mom) and we captured some great smiles!

Collages are my FAVORITE thing to create with 2 year olds :) It is so much fun to showcase all of their wonderful expressions...especially when it is impossible to pick a favorite.

Thank you so much to Maya & her mom for coming to "play"! I had so much fun meeting both of you. I am excited to show you all of Maya's adorable expressions from her session. I will be in touch when all of her images are on the web and ready to view! Melissa

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Colleen, Jill & Ben

I love this time of year! All the beautiful holiday dresses and excitement for Christmas! I was so excited to photograph one of my daughters friends and her sister and brother for the holidays. They were in the studio earlier this week and did such a great job! Here are a few of my favorites :)

Thanks so much to the "D" Family! I will be in touch when all of your images are up on the web & ready to view. Melissa