Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little Adventure

Aren't adventures fun!! I think so! So last week when I met Sophie & Miles for their session we went on a little adventure. Mom even brought the "power pellets" aka M&M's to keep up their strength. Awesome job mom!!

For a little while that afternoon we followed the paths to see all the different flowers, especially orange ones which is Miles favorite color, all the neat benches, trees & even a fountain! All along the way we captured some beautiful are just a few of my favorites:

Sophie ROCKED it! I could photograph that little girl all day.

I think this little smile was just before he was about to get an orange "power pellet"...he was getting excited :)

Thanks so much mom for letting me have such a fun adventure with Sophie & Miles! It was wonderful to see all of you! The kids were awesome and I had so much fun! And I am totally going to steal your "power pellet" idea for some of my other adventurers...if that is ok :) I am excited for you to see the rest of your images. I will be in touch soon! Melissa

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do you want a treat?

For all those dog lovers out know, if you say the word "treat" your dog will perk up it's ears & turn his head to look! Well I did lots of that from behind the camera as well as squeak toys, make funny sounds or just about anything crazy to get the attention of 3 beautiful sheepdogs simultaneously! Well it worked :) We captured some great images! My session with the H-Family was so much fun and the dogs were awesome (and of course their people were too :)

Here are just a few of my favorite family images from their session

Thank you so much for letting me come and photograph your wonderful family! I had so much fun seeing all of you! Hope Moose enjoyed his birthday celebration later that afternoon:) I will be in touch soon once all of your proof images are ready to view!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moore Fun!!

Another beautiful (and hot) summer day! I got to take a road trip the last weekend of summer to photograph one of my favorite families...these 4 kids are adorable! Especially little Annemarie...what a spit fire! Their mom also happens to be a close friend of mine who I have known for almost 25 years! That's really scary when you say it like that :)

The kids did wonderful...I think mom & dad were taking them for ice cream after their session...I am all about the bribery! It works at my house on picture day too! There was a beautiful park near their house with trails, ponds and even a huge stone gazebo! It was so cool!

Here are just a few of my favorite images from their session:

Annemarie just finished twirlilng!

Thanks so much for the awesome afternoon of photographing! And the ice cold Diet Coke afterwards good!!! I am excited for you to see all of the images! I will be in touch soon! M