Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peter turns One!

Wow - where did a year go? I think this thought goes through my head annually as I begin to start thinking about the holidays and all the fun craziness that goes along with the festivities. It even became more apparent how much time has passed when I photographed Peter this past weekend. He was here with his mom at 3 months old and now he is an active and very mobile one year old!
Peter had the most wonderful smiles during his session. That smile is awesome :) It lights up his entire being and just fills his whole joyful body. It just made me smile!

This is so cute :) Peter had his back to me & mom and was clapping his hands to a game mom was playing.
One of his incredible smiles!

We also had fun photographing Peter with his brother and sister. They all did amazing! In ten short minutes we captured so many great images of all 3 kids - mom, you are going to love them :) I had so much fun photographing your kiddos! And thank you for letting me capture some of those incredible "Peter smiles". I will be in touch when all of your images are on the web and ready to view! Melissa

Monday, October 19, 2009

Chakor & Kabir

I LOVE the great outdoors and all the beautiful fall colors right now! I was so excited to photograph Chakor & Kabir (they are the adorable boys of some of my very good friends...their mom & I go back a loooong time :) She no longer lives in Lansing, but we were finally able to coordinate a date to photograph. YEAH!!

Chakor and Kabir were so much fun! We photographed at a park near their house and the colors outside were incredible! I had brought along a bench for them to sit on , stand on, jump off of or whatever...to keep things fun for the boys! Sitting and posing for a picture all the time and get very cumbersome when you are 3 & 4 1/2! Kabir was the best little poser :) And once Chakor got into it and just started doing his thing we captured some great expressions from him too! These brothers are the best of friends!

After an hour or so of playing, photographing and just running around the park we headed back to their house. The boys were so cute (it just melted me) they wanted to give me a tour of their new house, show me their rooms and toys and we even played "jail"...very fun! They gave me big hugs when I left & I promised to come back again soon with my girls to play. I am excited to show you all of the images from the session! Be in touch soon! Melissa

Saturday, October 17, 2009


My high school seniors have been a blast to photograph this year! And Kory was no exception! We started by photographing at the studio then went outside to capture some of the great fall landscapes and a few other fun locations too! I know having a camera in your face for a few hours straight can be quite cumbersome (thats' why I love THIS side of the camera:) but Kory's mom knew just what to do and say to get the best smiles from her son! They were a riot! And we all had a great afternoon :)

Funny thing about all of my seniors this year...the very last images we photograph have been some of my favorites. This image above was literally the LAST image we took that afternoon.

I hope you enjoy your sneek peek! Thank you to Kory & his mom for a great afternoon! I hope you had as much fun as I did :) Melissa

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sophie & Miles

I am LOVING the outdoor sessions this year! And the afternoon photographing with Sophie & Miles was a blast! Miss Sophie is the best little model ever....I could photograph her all day! And little brother Miles did so great too - though he was way more interested in the big fish in the pond than taking photographs (I have some GREAT candid expressions of Miles excited about the fish...you will love it!). But, Mom was prepared....gotta love those fruit snacks :) A little bribe now and then never hurts (it works on my own kids too!). And a big thank you to Sophie & Miles' mom for even being prepared to keep my kids busy while we photographed...you ROCK! We had rescheduled our session due to rain, cold and complete yuckiness and the only day that worked with beautiful weather was a day that I needed to bring my kids along too. We made it work and I think it all turned out great! Check out a few of these beautiful images from their session :)

I love the expressions on their faces and the beautiful light :)

Little explorer :)
LOVE the hat!

We captured some beautiful images of Miss Sophie...this is one of my favorites!

Thank you so much to the "M" Family for a great session! Your little kiddos are so much fun to photograph! I am excited to show you the all the images from the rest of your session and a few holiday card creations as well. Talk to you soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rain or Shine we make it work!

I had so much fun with the "D" family last Sunday!  We had scheduled their session way back in the summer so we were all hoping for great weather  to photograph outdoors with the beautiful fall colors.  Did we get that great weather....well, not so much. It was complete downpour rain all that morning and there was no sign of clearing, but the "D" family was up for anything and let me just do my thing.  We were just going to make it work and capture some great family images one way or another! We started by photographing inside their home (thank you for letting me totally rearrange your furniture :) and I would peek outside periodically...nope, still raining.  So we moved to another beautiful location in their home...another quick peek...still raining, but only a slight mist this time.  Things were looking up :)  By the time we finished inside, it was chilly outside, but the sun was peeking through and they were up for giving it a try outdoors. I am so glad it worked out....I LOVE these outdoor images! 

The kids were fabulous!  It was not warm outside and things were obviously a little wet, but they were troupers :)  
"D" family I hope you like your sneak peek!  I will be in touch when all of your images are on the web and ready to view!  

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's my First Birthday!

Wow! Where does a year go? It literally feels like just a few weeks ago I photographed little Max at 4 months old and now he is an adorable one year old! This has been such a fun photographic journey for me. Mom,  thank you for allowing me to be such a special part of this past year! I have enjoyed every minute! (check out my blog from October 2008 & June 2009 to see how much Max has grown). 

Max and big brother Jack were here for the session.  Both of the boys did great!  We played, checked out the toys, had snacks and just hung out...oh and we took a few pictures too! I had a blast hanging with mom too! 
I just love the look in his eyes!   And Max looks so adorable in his little jeans jacket :)

Such a cute little smile :)
And big brother even got in on the action. Jack did such a great job...love the eyes!!

Mom, thanks so much for bringing in the boys!  I enjoyed our "coffee talk" too!  I will be sending you the link for the other images up on-line so you can check them out.  Enjoy :)