Sunday, January 25, 2009


Those big blue eyes and the adorable curls...what more can I say!  I had the best afternoon with Annemarie (and mom too - she is a very good friend of mine:) Annemarie is 2 years old and such a sweet little girl!  Once we gave Annemarie a few minutes to relax, play with some toys and read some books with mom she warmed right up and even started hamming it up for the camera:) So many cute smiles and expressions.  In fact the image above was the last shot of the session - that never happens at the end of a session! 

I just love this laughing image - I do not remember what was so funny, but Annemarie thought it was hilarious!

And of course checking out her new shoes!  I love this little girl...who doesn't get excited over a new pair of shoes :)
Thank you so much for sharing Annemarie with  me this afternoon!  I had so much fun seeing both of you and "playing" with Annemarie - she is a beautiful little girl!  I will be in touch once all of the images are on the web and ready to view!

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