Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I don't know about you, but I am still not adjusted to writing "2009"...typically by the end of January it is starting to become more natural.  Until then I typically scratch out a date or two trying to remember to write the correct year :)

I hope the new year finds you all happy and healthy as we move forward into 2009!  Personally, I am excited to see what a new year brings - with all of the turmoil in 2008 for our country, and especially the state of Michigan, I am hopeful things will begin to turn around!  I want to thank all of my clients, friends and family for continuing to support me throughout 2008!  I truly would not be following my passion if it were not for all of you :) Thank you!

Like most people, I do have a few goals for 2009. My goals for this year are to continue to support the charities and organizations that are near to my heart, buy local when I can, live within my means, get healthy/exercise (I know very cliche) and keep my priorities in order.  I have a constant "to-do" list which includes minor things from buying birthday cards, small fix-it projects to general things I would like to accomplish for the year.  The list is in a constant state of evolution, but I just LOVE "checking" things off that list - even the small simple ones :)

The Heartlight Photography  list this year is long & exciting.  I have so many new ideas I am excited to try and products I want to introduce.  And my goal is have some charity work within my business as well :)  There are so many wonderful ways that I can utilize my photographic skills it is hard to decide where to devote some of my time, but my goal to find one this year :) Keep checking back here for all the updates on products, specials and any other fun stuff I decide to write about!  

Happy 2009!  Melissa

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