Monday, January 12, 2009

The Many Faces of Max

Could it get any cuter than this :)  What a beautiful little spirit this little guy has!  Mom was able to coax out so many adorable smiles. And then when Max started "talking" to me...oh, that is enough to melt anyone on the spot!  It has been awhile since my girls were this age and I had forgotten how much I love that sound of a little baby cooing.  That is my second favorite sound in the world next to a full on baby belly giggle.  I can hardly wait to see if I get to hear Max giggle in the months ahead!  This is Max's 3-month image in a series of 3 portrait sessions over his first year for the Heartlight Beginnings Baby Program.

I had so much fun with Max and his Big Brother who was on hand to jump in for a few photos too!  You know I can never resist a willing subject to photograph...especially the little and adorable kind who are ready to pose and smile without any bribes what so ever!  That is the BEST! Thank you for letting me "play" with Max again (I photographed him when he was just 3 weeks old)! It was great to see all of you!  These are just a few of my personal favorites :)  I will be in touch soon when all of the other images are ready for you to view!  

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