Monday, February 23, 2009

Those eyes, those cheeks...

Those first images, in fact the first 2 frames, were my favorites of Max's session!  Those eyes and little hand - so cute! 

Max was 3 weeks old and sleeping so sweetly when he arrived for his session. Then  the "mean ole photographer" (a.k.a me) of course wants to get him naked for his pictures.  After a few attempts "my way" - cute positions, looking at his little feel and belly - Max reminded me who was the boss here anyway.  And of course he was right!  As soon as mom put him in his favorite position up over her shoulder - these were the first few images we captured!

Oh, such a sweet little guy! Once he was happy he let me "play" for a little while and even made him self comfortable!

And those cheeks! These are just a few of my favorite images of Max!  Melissa, thank you so much for sharing Max with me - he is beautiful! I am excited to share all of his beautiful images with you in the days ahead! I will be in touch when all the images are on-line and ready to view.  

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Grandpa Milt said...

What do you mean; those eyes, those cheeks. Look at the masculine chin in picture #3. The ladys are going to love him.