Friday, March 13, 2009


Little Jaxen was a fantastic "model" for his session!  So much fun to photograph:) This image below was actually one of the few we were able to capture with his eyes open!  He was so relaxed, he slept for most of the session. But, I was determined to capture at least one beautiful image of those eyes.  Then, right near the end of the session...he had enough bright flashes in his face, he wanted his pacifier and a little milk too...he let us get just a few images of those eyes!  I am so glad he did!

And a thanks to mom for this one!  She had purchased these adorable wings...oh, so cute! And Jaxen even slept like this for quite some time!

His little smile...just makes me smile!  Don't you just wonder what he is thinking?

I hope you enjoy a sneak peek of a few of my favorite images from Jaxen's session!  There are so many beautiful images to choose from...I am excited to show you all of them!  I will be in touch once the rest of the session is on the web and ready to view!  Melissa

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