Sunday, May 3, 2009


It is hard for me to believe that a year has gone by!  This was a special session for me in so many ways!  I have know Gabrielle's mom her entire life - our mother's have been friends since they were pre-teens!  I also had the privilege of photographing Gabrielle when she was just a few weeks old and now here she is one-year later!  

I just love those beautiful blue eyes!
Gabrielle was such a trooper for her session.  When she first arrived she was all smiles, but that quickly turned to tears when she saw the studio :(  Mom was not sure what was the matter so we just let Gabrielle relax and play with some toys while we chatted for a bit.  Then of course my little "helpers" came in to say hello too! Soon the smiles returned :)

We captured some adorable expressions and some beautiful images with mom & Gabrielle - just in time for Mother's Day!  It was so wonderful to see both of you - I had a blast!  I am excited for you to see all the images from Gabrielle's session!  Talk with you soon! M

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