Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That adorable little face

It is those expressions captured in a single frame that we cannot see in the moment.  I love that about photography!  

When Max was here for his 6 month pictures (as a part of his Heart & Soul Sessions)  he gave us some great expressions!  This one is one of my favorites :) He was so adorable as he was giving the teddy bear kisses and then trying to give "rasberries" as he looked right at the camera.  This expression was one of those lucky moments where a single frame on the camera captures that look!  Too cute :)

Max's session was so much fun and my goodness has he grown!  In fact he was already crawling a little bit since he wanted to get to mom where ever she was!  This was my third session with Max and he has changed so much - even his hair color it is turning blond from dark, dark brown! One thing that has not changed is his big, gorgeous smile!  And poor little guy was even fighting an ear infection :(  You'd never know it from the images we captured!

Jill, it was wonderful to see all of you!  I can't wait for you to see the rest of the great images we captured!  Your little boy is beautiful!

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