Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peter turns One!

Wow - where did a year go? I think this thought goes through my head annually as I begin to start thinking about the holidays and all the fun craziness that goes along with the festivities. It even became more apparent how much time has passed when I photographed Peter this past weekend. He was here with his mom at 3 months old and now he is an active and very mobile one year old!
Peter had the most wonderful smiles during his session. That smile is awesome :) It lights up his entire being and just fills his whole joyful body. It just made me smile!

This is so cute :) Peter had his back to me & mom and was clapping his hands to a game mom was playing.
One of his incredible smiles!

We also had fun photographing Peter with his brother and sister. They all did amazing! In ten short minutes we captured so many great images of all 3 kids - mom, you are going to love them :) I had so much fun photographing your kiddos! And thank you for letting me capture some of those incredible "Peter smiles". I will be in touch when all of your images are on the web and ready to view! Melissa

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