Monday, January 19, 2009

Peter, 3 months

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

I just LOVE this smile! That big, happy smile that just takes over his sweet little face...I cannot help but smile myself :) This was Peter's 3-month picture and he was just an angel!  Oh and I was so excited to hear him "talking" to me...that gets me every time!

Such a fun and relaxed session for me!  Peter's big sister was there to help and I had my little "helpers" there as well.  All of the girls were trying to help mom coax some great smiles from Peter. He was so interested in all that they were doing...he didn't know which way to watch as they were moving all around him.  Peter was so content as we changed outfits, moved him around and just tried to get his attention.  What a great little guy!

Thanks so much Emily for letting me meet & play with Peter!  I had so much fun...he is absolutely adorable!  I will be touching base soon once all of the images are ready to view! 

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