Monday, August 30, 2010

Time to ROCK!

As many of you know already it has been a crazy few weeks around here! I have been busy photographing HS Seniors and Family sessions, escaping the heat by playing in the pool with my family, dealing with my crashing computer...which is now officially a very big paper weight, getting ready for back to school and enjoying a few fun family events too! August has flown by!

I am now up and running with a pretty new Mac!!! YIPEE!! You gotta love the Apple Store...walk in pick out a computer and walk out with a new computer in your hands in under 3 hours! I am now getting everything back in order and recreating lost files that I failed to back-up (yes I learned a tough lesson and will continue to learn this for many, many months). Luckily, I was at least smart enough to back up all of my past & present images on the External no worries there! Thank goodness :)

So I will show you what I have been doing for the past few weeks...Here we go!

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